Music For December

December is a month of contrasts–a month of long, dark nights culminating in a celebration of light…the Light; quiet evenings for contemplation and times of gathering for celebration. December is a once-a-year kaleidoscope of sights, smells and tastes – a dream world for children - a touchstone for adults. Music weaves it all together.

Music for December is a collection of instrumental songs presented on solo acoustic guitar. This music speaks in contemplation and dances in celebration.

The first great guitar I ever owned was a Martin D-28. It came as a Christmas present from my parents in 1969. After saying, “Cool, thanks, thanks, thanks.” I immediately looked for the gift giving and Christmas eating activities to provide sufficient cover to allow me to spirit this new treasure to my bedroom and play. One of the first songs I attempted was an arrangement of “The First Noel”. I had heard it as a guitar solo on the radio the day before.

Music is an important part of the season. One of the most amazing things is the way the same songs come back year after year. After an 11 month rest, we gladly welcome them. Why? One word: melody. The melodies are simple and beautiful. More precisely, they are simply beautiful. These songs are able to survive virtually any treatment. Whether it’s yapping animal sounds or the most heartless, mechanical rendition, the melodies come smiling through.

Music for December is my take on a few of these melodies. Over the years I’ve added and combined, cobbled and entwined some of my favorites. It is my hope that these songs will find their way into your heart to become part of your December music.

- John

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